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Suzuki music camp in Bali

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Recently, I went to a Suzuki music camp organised by Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia and it was amazing! The teachers were so inspiring and other than technique and repertoire class, there was gyspy music (which the students enjoyed a lot!!) and orchestra which brought students from different countries to make music together. Everyday there was lunchtime recital performed by students and a Gala concert on the last day as a culmination of all the learning that took place over 5 days from 19-23 June. The students had fun playing in playground during lunchtime and the parents and students made friends with each other. The memories come not only from music making but from the friendship that was shared and looking out for each other.

I attended a teacher's workshop by Dr. Cora Cooper who teaches at Kansas State University and she shared with us her practice flowchart which is very useful for advanced students who are able to reflect on their own practice before they ask their teachers for advice. She shared a lot of her knowledge with other teachers and was very willing to answer any queries that we had. Feel free to have a look at the PDF attached below.

Practicing Flowchart 12 x 17.852
Download PDF • 1.76MB

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