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Annette Lee

Violin, Piano, Viola

Suzuki Violin

Piano accompanist

Music Theory 

Born in Singapore,

Ms Annette has a passion to teach children as young as 3 ½ years old and she has undergone training for Suzuki Book 1-4 and SAVE (Systematic Approach Violin Education) conducted by Prof. Lan Ku Chen, a certified violin teacher trainer of Asia Region Suzuki Association. She believes in making learning fun for young children by teaching them in small steps and details, hence piecing them together into a bigger picture and playing with good technique and tone in years to come. Her aim is to spread her love of music to her students so that they will continue making music till later years in life.

Most of her students have achieved ‘Distinctions’ and ‘Merits’ awards in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity Diploma Examinations. As a testimony of her effort and instruction, several of her outstanding students have clichéd award-winning medals at the Mandeville Medallion Festival in 2017, London Festival Competition in 2020, Music Singapore 2021 and 2022 International Piano and Violin Competition and Golden Classical Music Awards in 2022.

Ms Annette obtained a Bachelor of Music Degree (Viola Performance) from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music – National University of Singapore.  She furthered her studies and completed a Masters of Music Degree (Performance Teaching) from the University of Melbourne. There were many artistes who not only continued to inspire her to excel in her field, but also to teach and give back to the next generation of musicians.

In order to attain professional accreditation in her field of interest, Ms Annette completed her Licentiate Diploma in Piano Performance.  She also obtained an Associate Diploma in Viola Performance and a Licentiate Diploma in Violin Performance. She continues to perform with fully-independent professional orchestras such as Metropolitan Festival Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra ‘Re:Sound’, so that she remains active in the Performing Arts scene.

Her experience extends to both pedagogy and andragogy, with students ranging from 3 ½ to 45 years. Her institutions of instructions include both local and overseas schools such as St. Margaret’s Secondary School, Shuqun Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Stamford American International School and Melbourne’s Grammar School –  Grimwade House and St. Catherine’s School. During these stints, she conducted string orchestra, sectionals and taught music in a classroom setting.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, going for art exhibitions, hiking and teaching children about God in church.

Mary Lee

Piano, Violin

Piano accompanist

ABRSM Music Theory Grade 1-5 


annette 2023 2801.jpg

Born in Singapore,

Ms Mary is a mother of two grown up children, a music teacher and medical doctor. She saw her kids through their musical journey- teaching them as well as being their practice teacher at home. Her passion for music has rubbed onto them as they continue to play in string quartets and orchestras even in their adulthood.

She has trained her students to pass ABRSM grade 8 with distinction, the youngest being 9 year old. Some of her students have felt the motivation to pursue Trinity Diplomas and she is currently teaching two of her ex-students' children now. Her teaching spans over 30 years and she has organised annual student concerts in her home, bringing the joy of music to two generations of adults and children. Both Ms Annette and Ms Mary still organise these concerts today.

As a musician, she was asked to set up the Salve Regina Orchestra where she spent hours writing music that is suited to the ability of the members. Some of them had no prior orchestra experience, but she patiently wrote scores that were simple enough for them to feel a sense of achievement. Till today, the orchestra is still playing for different events in church and it is lead by ex-members of the orchestra.

Ms Mary pursued a Bachelor degree in Arts- National University of Singapore. Even though she was awarded a Public Service Commission scholarship by the government to pursue music overseas, her father asked her to turn down the opportunity as he felt that there was no career path. However, the love for music has led to her attainment of FTCL, LRSM (Performing), LRSM (Teaching), ATCL, AMusTCL as she believes in lifelong learning and strives to continuously improve herself as a educator.

Her hobbies include painting pictures of her travels and sceneries, keeping fit by walking and swimming and teaching children about God in church.

Our Philosophy

Our teaching ethos is to inspire, motivate and create memories for the student such that they will make music with their peers or contribute back to society.


We believe that music can transform the individual in character and bridge different cultures and bring people together. It is a universal language that is communicated without words. Our approach is warm, gentle yet goal-oriented and we appreciate honesty in teacher, student and parent relationship and we are open to constructive feedback in improving our style of teaching.


For a musician to hone and stay relevant in their craft, making music with other musicians and watching live performances by visiting artists and groups are necessary. They give us a different lens in creating and interpreting music.

In our past teaching experience, students have opened up as an individual or feel confident about themselves because they are able to express themselves through music or can influence other students to make music with them.

Constantly finding new strategies to improve teaching especially with the use of information technology (IT) is necessary to engage students these days and we are always on the look out for innovative ways to make lessons enjoyable.

Music can also be used as a form of therapy to destress especially in our busy lives and we always aim to understand our students needs and help them reach their goals. Every lesson is different from the week before and sometimes the student might walk away feeling recharged, confident or enlightened.

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