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Preschooler Musicianship Class

Updated: Jul 13

We have just begun Term 2 and the kids are enjoying the session. It teaches them how to follow the beat through the use of percussion instructions like the maracas, tambourine, claves etc, listening to high and low sounds, moving with the music through the use of scarves, stretchy band and coordination of their limbs through actions in the songs.

Here are some of the fun activities the kids do in the class:

Feeling the music through the use of scarves

Exploring the same song with different instruments, listening to the different timbre in music

Guess the instrument inside the mystery bag... some instruments sound quite alike

Learning more about pitch in music

Parent and child bonding time

Class bonding through the use of stretchy bands, it requires everyone's coordination to let go the band at the same time.

Learning about speed changes in music and counting through the use of props while listening to the song

One of the students brought her 1/32 size violin as she is so excited to learn how to hold the instrument

We're very excited to see these kids and parents every week and to see them express themselves and their enthusiasm in class :)

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