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Start of a musical journey

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At leemusicstudio, we are passionate about music and believe in providing our students with the best learning experience possible. We offer a variety of music lessons including ABRSM Piano and Violin exams, Accelerated Music Theory, Piano Accompaniment for exams and auditions as well as Suzuki music lessons.

Our experienced and professional teachers provide individualised instruction and motivation tailored to each student's needs. We also organise studio classes and recitals annually. Our goal is to ensure that our students become well-rounded musicians and have the tools and knowledge to pursue their musical dreams.

Why choose us?

A student's success is not only due to his or her efforts alone. The engagement from the educator in diligently listening to the students' needs, helping them to fulfil their goals, inspiration and teaching from the heart and not just the book are paramount to the overall success

Lessons offered:

  • Preschooler Musicianship Class for children age 3-5 years old

  • Piano, Violin, Viola covering ABRSM and Trinity Diploma exam syllabus

  • Suzuki Violin

  • Direct School Admission audition

  • Piano Accompaniment

  • ABRSM Accelerated Music Theory  Grade 1-5

  • ABRSM Music Theory Grade 6-8 

  • ABRSM Aural training Grade 1-8 

Customised lessons according to personality of student

Studio class and a chance to mingle with other students

Develop lifelong skills such as patience, determination, perseverance,



and discipline

Celebrating the success of each individual's efforts through


Suzuki graduation or competition based on teacher's assessment of the student

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What Musically Happy
Parents and
Students Say...

Thanh, father of Leo

"We would like to take this opportunity to send a special thank you for teaching and helping Leo's in this journey. It was an amazing journey for Leo from getting to know music/violin to joining the group and being on stage and performing with her friends. We couldn't imagine that Leo could go that far. Leo is a shy kid but she is amazingly patient and persistent. Music really makes her more confident and lively. Leo is lucky to have you as her teacher. We hope Leo continues her journey and enjoys music as she is today."

Ming Li, ex-student and parent of Jun Yi and Jun Yang

"Mrs Lee is currently teaching my boys piano. A gifted musician herself, she is very passionate about the subject and dedicated to imparting her knowledge to her students. She has vast musical experience in music teaching, having also been my teacher when I was a teenager. Her teaching style is firm but kind. Highly recommended!"

"We started together (mom and daughter) learning the parts of the violin, where and how to select a violin, how to hold the violin and bow, how to take care of our violin…. It wasn’t easy but we enjoyed the way that every week Zoe’s violin started to sing and bit by bit beautiful music started to invade the room, our home and our hearts. But Zoe’s violin wanted more so started asking Zoe for more and more and she developed new skills.

Now after 4 years she completed and got the certification in Suzuki Book 1, 2 and 3 certification. In 2022, she won 2nd place in Music Singapore International Piano and Violin Competition and 1st place in Golden Classical Music Awards.

She is passionate, practices an hour every day, on busy days half hour, and although sometimes she gets frustrated with new songs she never gives up.


Thanks to Suzuki Program she has not only learned to play the violin but also to manage her frustration, to overcome fears, to concentrate, to feel and follow the music, to improve her ability to memorize and she is also learning music reading.

As a very proud mom I just can say a big THANK YOU Miss Annette Lee for your unconditional support."

Carmen, mother of Zoe

"Both Aunty Mary and Jie Jie Annette have consistently guided me towards success. Their teaching methods and dedication have played a crucial role in helping me achieve distinctions in every music exam I have taken, completing up until Grade 8 in piano and ATCL Diploma in violin (2017).

Their expertise in music theory and performance is unmatched, and they consistently strive to make improvements in their own craft, reflecting the love they have for teaching and music. We used to also have concerts every year, which greatly improved my performance ability, allowing me to grow both my skills and confidence.


I will forever be grateful for their guidance and support over the years and am glad to have completed my musical journey under their mentorship."



Carissa Quek, ex-student

Beatrice Soh, ex-student

"I started to learn the violin from Aunty Mary when I was 7. A very nurturing figure in my life, Aunty Mary always encouraged me to be better.

For 7 years, she tutored me from a beginner to passing my grade 8 ABRSM practical exam. A very holistic syllabus, she took me through the theory exams as well, even when I was not the best student!

After I completed the grade 8 in violin,

I went on to pick up the viola, this time jointly tutored by both Aunty Mary and Annette. This time, I did my grade 8 exam with Trinity.

Throughout the years, I had many opportunities to practise and perform with others in bigger groups, which helped to build my confidence and encouraged me to audition and join the string orchestra in JC.

I always looked forward to weekly lessons with Aunty Mary, she was much more than just a teacher to me, more like a mentor. She cares very much for her students and seeks to ensure a seamless experience of learning and simply appreciating music. Aunty Mary always went beyond and even as a child, I knew that she only wanted the best

for me. She took the time to teach me about values and the importance of always seeking to improve.


I remember how I would be satisfied with playing at

a standard that would get me nothing more than a pass, but she would show me that with a little more effort, I could get to the next level.


Learning the violin and then the viola played very important parts in my life and definitely helped me to grow not just in my music, but also as a person, which wouldn’t have been possible if not for Aunty Mary and Annette."

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